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Buckeye & Excello Fabric Finishers brings over 140 years of combined experience to customers seeking a custom coating to meet the needs of end-product users. Buckeye & Excello offers a variety of coatings ranging from wax, resin, vinyl, acrylic, and other custom coatings. B&E Fabric Finishers boasts its ability to service lower volume customers and invites inquiries from customers seeking 1000 yards or more. Buckeye & Excello Fabric Finishers is most proud of its reputation for responsive customer service and is committed to personalizing the customer experience through courteous and prompt service by our solution-seeking staff.

In 1922, Buckeye Fabric Finishing Company began operations as the Goodin-Timmons Company treating gauntlet cuffs for gloves used in East Coast steel mills. Later the company introduced flame retardant coatings for commercial customers, and for nearly four decades Buckeye Fabric was a leading supplier to the American military. From World War II through the Vietnam War, Buckeye Fabric’s wax-coated cotton products kept the United States military and their equipment dry.

Excello Fabric Finishers Incorporated was formed in 1966 as a sister company to Buckeye Fabric. A new dry process was added to expand the companies offerings of flame, water, and mildew resistant coatings used to treat fabrics for both military and commercial uses.

Our Fabrics are Proudly Coated in the USA

Our Fabrics are Proudly Coated in the USA.

  • 2,400 sq. ft. Offices
  • 26,000 sq. ft. Manufacturing
  • 81,000 sq. ft. Warehouse

Buckeye & Excello Fabric Finishers provides world-class manufacturing and customer service.

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