Fabric Coating Applications

High Quality Fabric Coatings

Our high-performance coatings are used on a wide range of fabric and substrate materials across multiple applications and industries where water, flame and mildew resistance is necessary and long lasting performance is required. Buckeye & Excello coating processes meet Military and Federal Standards CCC-C-428, MIL-C-43627, MIL-C-10799H and others.

At Buckeye & Excello Fabric Finishers we have almost every type of fabric and coating you could need for rugged dependability. We’ll put our high-quality wax, resin, PVC, Latex, Silicone and acrylic coatings on your fabric. Call us to discuss your application with one of our experienced professionals and we’ll help you select the best combination of fabric and coating for your needs.

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B&E canvas coatings are ideal for the fast growing market of heavy-duty tents and glamping applications. We have a wide range of colors, coatings and fabrics.


B&E's rich history in Military applications has resulted in extensive experience. We meet several Mil-spec requirements


B&E provides custom colors and finishing for a wide range of unique awnings.


B&E has been providing the boat cover industry with high-quality fabric coatings for decades.

RV & Sport

B&E provides a wide range of flexible fabric coatings with exceptional protection properties to meet the needs of many different rigorous applications in the RV & sport markets.

Tipis and Yurts

B&E specializes in canvas materials that are finished with weather-resistant coatings for moisture protection.


B&E Fabric Finishing's rugged materials meet the most demanding applications in the construction industry.


B&E offers the industry a versatile line of coatings for a wide range of agriculture tarps and covers.


B&E's experience with heavy-duty fabrics and high-quality coatings ensures you long-lasting tarps and covers for a wide range of industrial applications.